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As a professional organizer I will come to your office/home office, evaluate the areas you want organized,  provide solutions to help maximize your business so that it functions efficiently.  I will work with you to sort, purge and manage the clutter so we can focus on putting your energy where it needs to be...growing your business!  With the tools, training and resources Clear Choice offers, you will feel more confident that you have the systems in place that best suit both you and your business. 


Is your business new?  Clear Choice offers Consultations to small businesses,  Bookkeeping Services and or training.  No matter what business you are in, if you have 10 employees or you don't have any,   a proper accounting  foundation is essential.   Call Clear Choice to get you started on the right foot. 


Been around a while?  Keep it that way!  Keep the focus on what you do best.  You didn't create your business to be stuck in the office struggling with paperwork that you dislike doing.  Clear Choice offers a full range of bookkeeping packages for those that require once a week visits to those that only need someone in once a month.  Even if the only system you use now is a cardboard box or an overflowing "In Box" Clear Choice can turn it into efficient reports that tell you what you need to know.  Call Clear Choice for a quote 519-857-4997 

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